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Gifts of Fate

Gifts of Fate - Alanea Alder To say I loved this book would be an understatement!! I laughed and cried several times!! It was like popping in for a visit with old friends at the holidays.

The whole first chapter will have any fan of the series rolling in laughter!!! Becca is in high form, watch out Aleks!!

The babies are coming!! That is the theme of this book!! All those lovely Arkadian darlings are making their appearances. The order of birth is very interesting and ya even get a surprise delivery mixed in there!

The story even had some progression of the overall plotline. Some things are resolved and some are still in play. We also meet a new resident who is bound to cause trouble, the hussy! Can't wait to love to hate her!! Hope Becca's gun doesn't come out!

All of the couples have a chapter to catch up and reconnect with readers. At least one will show you where real life picks up in a HEA. Sometimes ya gotta have a fight before you can have make-up sex!

Even though this is a short book and mostly about the babies, Ms Alder does sneak in two smexy steamy scenes!! One for the MM crowd and one for the straighies!! Hot and heavy!!! Yumminess!

I really adored this book and did not want it to end, it was way too short! I wanted it to last forever, well at least until March, when I hear the next book is penciled to release. Not sure I can wait that long, especially after the bomb that is dropped in the Epilogue! Guess I will have to reread the whole series and make pink highlights on all my fav bits!