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Take Me

Take Me - Olivia Cunning Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Yeah, I think this series probably isn't for me, goodness knows I tried. After listening to the first three books on audio, I am ready to toss in the proverbial towel, for now. If the rest of the series releases on audio I might squeeze in listening time.

The writing is excellent and the stories move at a great pace, the Rocker books just don't work for me. I think it is the whole lifestyle, it wrecks my HEA visions. I can see why many folks will love this series, just not me.

Shades has been a jerk throughout this series and it was no surprise to discover that is just who he is most of the time. Even when you have his POV, he is less than loveable, but there are girls out there who are into this kind of guy. Amanda seems really sweet and put together, one has to wonder what she sees in Shades. She is definitely thinking with her girlie parts.

The story here is minimal, what is there is interesting and moves the whole series along. I especially liked the interactions with other band members.

Holy hot and heavy!!! I am talking steam up your ereader!!! Wow, once they decide to get it on, they get it on, big-time! Like the other books in the series most of the plot revolves around copious amounts of steamy smexy sex! This is another one you will have to change the panties after reading. Although, there is one scene where Shades shows he is even an egomaniac in bed.

The narrator, Justine O. Keef, does a great job I really liked her voice and characterizations. She is definitely a selling point in the audio version. If the other books get released on audio I could see myself picking them up, I am a curious creature and this series does a terrific job of drawing you in, even when you are fighting the whole way!