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Paranormal Nights Vol. 1

Paranormal Nights Vol. 1 - Milly Taiden, Jackie Ivie, C.J. Ellisson, Boone Brux, Marianne Morea, Calinda B., Mina Carter, S.A. Price, Celia Kyle What a yummy boxed set, and I snagged it for the bargain basement price of 99cents!!! Score one for Amazon's one click!! I love paranormal reads and especially dig shifters. It was a happy surprise to find a few of my favorites in this set. And they are not skimpy short stories, several are full book length!!

WOLF PROTECTOR by Milly Taiden: This is book one in the Federal Paranormal Unit, I hope book two is on it's way soon!!

WHY THESE TWO by Jackie Ivie: Who can resist a yummy Alpha man, I love the big and Brawny!!!! The bigger they are the harder they fall!! Ms Ivie is a new author for me, but you can bet I will be checking out her Vamp series soon!!

DEATH TIMES TWO by C.J. Ellisson and Boone Brux: I feel like I need to backtrack and read this whole series.

HUNTER’S BLOOD by Marianne Morea: Book 1 in the Cursed by Blood series, definitely peaked my interest in reading more. Lily is a kick butt gal, loved her spunk!

A WICKED PRELUDE by Calinda B: What a yummy teaser for the series, another one for my ever-growing TBR list!! If the rest of the series is anything like this short, I am sold!

DRAGON’S HONOR by Mina Carter: I gotta get the Paranormal Protection Series after reading this book!! Really yummy read that left me panting for more!! This is book six in the series, so I now have to backtrack, urgh, I hate reading out of order!

PLAYING THE ODDS by S.A. Price: Book 1 of the Take a Gamble series, really interesting read, I will definitely book looking into more of this series as well!

NIBBLED BY THE VAMP by Celia Kyle: Delicious Vamps read!! Book one in the Knight Protectors series, yup one more series for my TBR list!! Always love Ms Kyle's style, truly a delight to read, while I prefer shifters, I can get into a vampy read every now and again!

I love these box sets because I get books from authors I love and a chance to try out new to me authors at a risk free rate. I grabbed this book for the Cleia Kyle and Milly Taiden books, turns out I now have a few more authors to stalk, um follow, as well!! And all for a buck!!