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Beg Me to Slay

Beg Me to Slay - Lisa Kessler I do not read a lot of demon books but this one had a few new twists. I was really hooked from the start. great pacing keeps you on edge throughout.

Tegan is a kick-butt chick!! She is a survivor and works to fight her way back after a demon attack. I loved her spunk and attitude. She knew her limits and was willing to learn more to help save herself. Girl Power!!

Most of the time I liked Gabe, but he takes awhile before he accepts Tegan can be an asset. Once he was on board, things progressed quickly!! The romance was believable and well crafted.

Oh yummy steam!! I am talking hot and heavy action in the Dojo, who needs a bed anyway! Just enough smexy action to make a girl hunger for more!! Nice details in the steam but not too hardcore. Oh la, girl I want a Demon Slayer too!!

Great story, really detailed and plenty of action throughout. It does have a second conflict after the major conflict is resolved, it did give me a moment of ugh...more drama? Overall it was very entertaining and I loved the Epilogue! Can one hope there will be more? This is a new author for me but I am definitely on the look out for Ms. Kessler now!

*Disclouse - I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.