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The Nightlife: Las Vegas

The Nightlife: Las Vegas  - Travis Luedke I am not usually into characters where the heroine is the dominant in the relationship. I really enjoy my Alpha males. However, I thought I would give this series a shot, cause it sounded really intriguing.

Aaron is actually a really fun snarky guy to read, I preferred his POV most of the time. I was really rooting for him and Michelle to work their unconventional relationship out. I am a total sucker for HEA.

Each book takes you to a new local with this couple, their relationship progresses throughout the series and takes many twists and turns. Mr Luedke has created a full and colorful world! I love the attention to detail and continuity he shows through the series. So many wonderful supporting characters and dynamic plots. The pacing was beautiful, quick and active story line.

Yummy steamy action, your girlie parts will be screaming after a few scenes!! Oh boy, these supernaturals know how to do the hot and heavy!!

This is one of those series where you follow two characters through several books. That is not typically my favorite thing, I like getting new love stories and updates on past characters. Still this is a entertaining read that had me jumping for the next book.

Warning, these are not fru-fru happy stories. Vamp life is dark and dirty at times. You will encounter the seedy underbellies of the cities more often than not. Oh, you might also want to have a box of tissues hand for when it gets emotional.

While Vamps are not my favorites I really enjoyed this series and can't wait o check out more from this author!