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Ashes - Sarah Gilman I really liked this book in the beginning, it catches your attention and keeps you engaged. I would have like more detail on what happened to Ambrosia with Wade, show it don't tell it after. That would have been an even better start for this book. Still, it is a great hook in the start.

The book jumps ahead a month later and still has a nice flow. You get to learn about phoenixes and then Ambrosia and Reece are reunited. I thought the whole side plot here sort of fell off, way too easy a resolve. Then it turns into a whole other book. No more suspense now it is a Harlequin style romance with the she's having my baby theme. Still a good read but a sudden change in the flow. It also slows down quite a bit.

I really liked Ambrosia and preferred when things were in her POV, Reece was rather stiff in the narrative. She has a great sass and the perfect amount of spunkiness to carry things off. I actually thought she was too good for him most of the time.

In the end it is a nice romance with a lot less action than I hoped for. I good read but I was hoping for an inferno, instead I was delivered a campfire.

I liked Ms Gilman's writing and she has a definite creative spark. Phoenixes are not common in paranormal reads. This was a rather interesting take on the mythology. I would be interested in seeing more, perhaps a series?

*Disclosure- I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.