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Awakening Veronica

Awakening Veronica - Heather Rainier There are some books I pick up and devour, others I savor and spread out over as much time as I can muster. This is in the latter category. I took my time reading this delicious book, nibble by yummy nibble! It was tough to put down, but I did not want it to end, so I dragged it out as long as possible. Ms Rainier always writes a thorough book, I have often said her stories are marathons and not sprints. This is no exception.

Hank has long been a character I was interested in getting a HEA, he has been seeming lonely lately. I thought he would be one of the MF pairings in the series, big surprise when he had a dishy best friend pop up in town. Travis is a nice addition to Divine, I loved his playfulness. This pair is a smexy cop sandwich I would not mind getting in the middle of any day of the week!!

Veronica, or Nika as she prefers, starts off shy and unsure. It was a joy to see her flourish in this environment. She has a huge well of hidden sass that comes to the forefront when she gets comfortable with her men!! I think she is now my favorite heroine in the series. I was most drawn to her playful spirit with a hint of rebelliousness. Give her time and she will be a force to be reckoned with!!!

The steam is uber hot!! Hello, Doms!! Yup, we are playing with some light BDSM. I love me a good spanking and the bondage and role play take it to a new level. I really enjoyed that is wasn't all protocols and strict rules. While I am intrigued by the genre, I am not into hardcore or slave/master stuff. Thank goodness things did not go there! We still get a feel for the lifestyle and the play is hot!! That last scene sent me straight to the cold shower!!

While things get steamy pretty quick into their relationship, it felt natural. They had plenty of talk and build to the bedroom action. It just felt right and the feelings came through as genuine. This book reminded me why I fell in love with this series in the first place.

The plot has a lot going on, but never seemed overcrowded. Everything came at a steady pace. I enjoyed most of the resolutions, I might not have been so kind to Tabitha. Ms. Rainier went more for the reason behind the bullying than completely villainizing the bullies, well most of them. It is a much higher road than many would take.

There are some real highlights in this book. I loved the playfulness and acceptance of the characters. There are a few laugh out loud moments Tabby Cat, the sheep, duct tape, mommy ate the baby, Woobie-Doms and a hilarious Drag Wheelchair race for charity. And those are only a few of the pink highlights on my kindle notes!! (pink is the color I use for favorite parts)

I was also delighted with the Grandma Kate visit! She is a feisty gal who reminds me of my own Gram. I love her spirit and all that she adds to the book. Hope she is able to make another visit!

The book is a mixed narrative that switches from the main characters POVs from section to section. There is also a bonus of getting Tabitha's POV a few times. It puts her in a whole new light. I do not think her resolution would been as believable without those insights into her life.

While I really enjoyed the read, I miss the old days when stories overlapped. It gave me more of a sense of things to come. It was always one of the things I loved and looked forward to in the earlier books in the series. It was always fun popping back to a scene from a previous book and seeing it from a whole other set of characters perspective. It added depth to the whole experience.

I can not wait to see what is going to happen next in the series! So many lovely single ladies introduced in the last three books. I hope bookstore owner Violet and Leah are up soon! And maybe even poor Presley Ann deserves a HEA, she isn't bad just spoiled and selfish.