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Temptation by Fire

Temptation by Fire - Tiffany Allee This was a really interesting read with many creative twists and turns. Very creative storytelling. Great pace, I never felt those pangs of boredom.

Ava was not my favorite character in the beginning. She was a bit more on the naive side than I generally like my heroines. She also has a touch of angst to her, fortunately she grows on you. By the end I was very happy with the way she manned up, so to speak.

Karson is one of those ever so yummy damaged heroes, sigh, just what every girl dreams about. I can't help but be drawn to these sorts of guys in books. They are the broken guys that can be fixed, after some serious lovin from their lady!

This is my first read from this author but I am definitely willing to entertain more. I liked her style and she did a great job of world building. Most of the fault in the rating here lies with me. I just wasn't feeling the demon angle. It didn't grab me the way I anticipated. I am sure paranormal fans who like demons will be all over this with big love.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.