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The Bear's Reluctant Wolf

The Bear's Reluctant Wolf - Jenika Snow I had been waiting for this book for such a long time!! Yummy smexy dirty talkin bear!!!! This book has hands down the hottest mate meeting I have read in a long time!! I mean, damn girl, you will get naughty shivers!!

Trace is scrumptious, he is possessive, lewd and wickedly delightful! Once he scent his mate he is all in, even though he had a trust issues due to his past. Yup, I am totally in lust!

Candace is a great girl, she isn't meek or a pushover. She could have used a touch more sass, but is easily loveable.

The steam factor is off the charts!!! I lived Trace's naughty mouth, heck I would have loved even more!! I am a sucker for a dirty talker!! There is some serious smexy action in the kitchen and a little stripper pole fun. Oh la, this is a book to read while in the cold shower!!

The story here is mostly all about the couple, not much of an outside plotline. Not a complaint just an observation. Sometimes ya don't need extras, the romance is enough to carry you through.

The mixed narrative really helps you understand where each character is coming from. It is really easy to see the change in POV and never gets confusing.

The other great thing about this series is getting to catch up with old friends from the Wylde Bears series. This time we catch up with Ary and Charlie, they are so cute!!

I am loving this series and can not wait for more. Maverick, Liam and Melissa are all still single!!