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A Vision in Velvet: A Witchcraft Mystery

A Vision in Velvet: A Witchcraft Mystery - Juliet Blackwell I adore this series, a witchy cozy mystery. It is a very enchanting with plenty of great charters to charm and entertain.

I love Sailor and Lily together, I wish we could get more of their dynamic. Again great supporting characters. The mystery this time was a touch darker. I was on the verge of solving it, Ms Blackwell throws curve balls into the mix.

I expect things will soon come to a head with Aiden. Definitely curious about all the loose threads at the end of this one. The major plot is resolved but there are plenty of things to carry on into a few more books.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Xe Sands, who is always great! She has a terrific pace that keeps the story moving along nicely. Great voices that stay consistent throughout the book and the series. She has a wonderful way of adding energy to the read and bringing actions scenes to life. One of my favorite narrators.

I love this series and am more than ready to see what happens next for everybody.