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Rock Hard And Wet

Rock Hard And Wet - Jennifer  James Love this new series!! I am a Mythology fan from way back, it tickles me pink to read the about the characters in a new way!! This is such a fun and refreshing spin on a world I adore!!

Callie is totally awesome, fun and flirty in all the right ways! She is just what Theo needs to lighten him up!! He is uber serious, but that is what happens when you spend 500 years as a statue. They have such a fun dynamic, it is really easy to love them!! There is a touch of drama in the relationship but that is to be expected.

Oh la, the steam is wicked!! There is a delightfully creative shower scene that will knock your panties off!! Makes me wish I could control water!! Sigh, what a girl could do with a guy who is made of stone and rock hard. These books are uber sexy and hit the ground running!! The steam happens quick, but hey, these gals are nymphs!! Things kick off with a down and dirty alley scene that will have you panting for more!

This is a mixed narrative switching between Callie and Theo's POV. This is great for getting into their heads and understanding what is in their hearts as well. My favorite style of writing!! Ms. James has done it again, written a series that has be jonesing for the next fix ASAP!! The girl knows how to write an engaging story!! Really well paced and never a dull moment.

There are several great supporting characters in this book, I am definitely expecting at least three more HEA matings in the series!! I am talking Logan/Petra, X and Herodes(even though he was a touch naughty. There are so many places for these books to go, and I am super excited to take the ride!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an Honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own. To be fair, I was going to buy the book anyway, the author just beat me to it by sending a copy!