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Wet For The Titan

Wet For The Titan - Jennifer  James Ok, to start off, I really liked this book...but it felt like the ending of a potentially awesome book. Sure, it is the start of a series, a prequel of sorts. I just thought it was so interesting and engaging, I would have loved the story from the beginning. This was the big climax ending without all the build-up. I would have loved seeing them meet and fall in love, rather than being told in the course of their break-up/make-up scene.

I love the whole mythology angle. I was totally obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology in my youth. This is a treat, it is fascinating to see these characters in modern times. It will also be interesting to see the nymphs find HEA, they usually have such tragic stories. it is a super fun concept with so much potential for a series!

I loved Telly and Pyro, they are such a wonderful pair. They have a great dynamic, which is why I would have loved to read their story from the very beginning. I just feel a bit cheated only hearing about things after the fact.

This is a mixed narrative, alternating from the two POV. I love this because you get more insight into the characters. it really helps you as the reader fall for Pyro as well, the big lug!

The steam is delicious!! You have to wait until the end for the full on make-up sex, but it is so worth the wait!! I a little bondage is always wicked fun!

I am very interested in seeing where this series is going. Yup, Ms James, I will be pestering you about this one now! Can not wait to see Callie and Patra get HEA!!