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Protected By Two Jaguars

Protected By Two Jaguars - Tara  Rose I really want to love this series, I try but it just isn't working. I really like the author and thought this would be great, I adore shifters. Winning this series seemed like the perfect reason to give them a read.

I like the beginning of the book and it is really engaging and flows beautifully, until about halfway. Things really slowed down and started to drag after the death of her friend Abby, BTW that is not a spoiler from me, that is a spoiler from the book blurb. In both this blurb and the one for the first book there was a touch of TMI, it ruined the suspense in my opinion. I never connected with her friend because I knew she was going to die.

I really like the concept of these books but there are element's that bother me, especially the Alpha Legend, a book most shifter households have but don't seem to read. Why is it only the bad guys know the power of this book? That is something that has been bothering me in this series. It also references two Alpha's needing to share, but that is also not really expanded. These are menage books, the men are Alpha types, perhaps we could connect the Legend to them. These are things as a reader I get hung up on.

As I said, the story is terrific in the beginning but falls off midway through. I just wished there were more movement, some parts in the home village really could have been edited down.

I really liked Valerie as a character and would have loved more of the wooing aspects of the relationship. I like that each book adds a touch more to the BDSM education. We get more into protocols this book. I read a lot of smexy books a a good share of BDSM, it is so easy to forget there are perhaps new readers who are not familiar with the lifestyle. So, I like that this series builds on what was learned in the first book, rather than reteaching the same lessons.

Loads of smexy action!! Oh girl, it is hot and heavy in a big way!! Those are definitely sections I never felt the need to skim!! I love a yummy menage, and a touch of naughty talk is nice! Spankings and Wax play are wickedly delicious additions to the steam!!

I will probably continue on the the third book in the series, cause I need to know what happens. I am just a touch disappointed because I expected more. With such a great start to the book I had high hopes. I will definitely be checking out the Passion Peak series, so many references to those characters have sparked my interest. Who knows, that might be more to my liking.