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Claiming Ana (Triple Star Ranch, #1)

Claiming Ana (Triple Star Ranch, #1) - Brynna Curry I really liked the concept of this book but the execution was a bit off. It started out feeling like a cowboy/rancher romantic suspense. I was really into that angle and then it took a sudden shift into paranormal. It just felt like the author changed direction mid stream. I expect the rest of the series will pick up the romantic suspense, as that situation was never resolved.

I really liked the characters and their whole dynamic. It was refreshing having characters not keep major stuff secret. Howl really is yummy in all his Alpha-ness. I also loved the whole gypsy magic thing Ana has going on. It would have been a more interesting read if we had more of them and their backgrounds. I wanted to hear more about the curse and Howl's upbringing. I mean they had to have a clue what would happen, after all they named him Howl. I am also unclear about what happened at the end with Ana and the healing.

I loved that it was a mixed narrative allowing us insight into both characters. Getting both POV is crucial to understanding where they are coming from. It was always clear whose thoughts we were getting and I never once felt it bounced to much. Very smooth transitions from one to the other.

The steam is yummy, but I wanted more!! I am all about the smexy stuff!!! I also felt the "I love yous" way to quick, after all it was only days. I like that sort of thing to build, I get the whole mate thing, but the connection does not equal instant love. If the book had been a touch longer I would have believed it more. I definitely got liking and plenty of lusting, just not quite love.

Overall though I am hooked on a series. This is more of a prequel of things to come. We meet the brothers who own the ranch, all three yummy and single!! I am looking forward to their stories and getting more into the mystery. I can see serious book crush material in Jace!!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.