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One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Another great rad in this fabulous series!! I am so happy I started reading them, now I wonder what took me so long!

Cat is totally awesome, if possible she is even more of a kick butt chick! Sure she has a little drinking issue, but with her vampy side it takes a lot to even get her buzzed. While she is heartbroken over Bones, she does not go all mopey angsty. This is four years after the first book, the years have brought a certain maturity to the character. Like a fine wine, she improves with age!

Love all the supporting characters here, I hope we get some HEA for Cooper, Tate and Juan!! Eh, even Don could use a little snuggle! The world gets bigger in this book, in my opinion much richer as well. Vamp society is much more involved than I thought. We also get a few lessons in ghouls, love me some Rodney!!

I am thrilled that Bones is back, I was not happy with the sad ending of the last book and really wanted them together. I can feel this is going to be an epic love series, woohoo!! These two are perfect for each other!

Plenty of smexy steam in the second half of the book, yummy hot and heavy reunion sex!! Oh Gawd, a girl needs a serious warning before reading CHAPTER 32!!! I am talking whoa, burn the pages, scorch the Kindle, ears on fire...dang girl it is more than an inferno!!! I recommend reading that while in the cold shower with ice panties on and a sic inch solid ice skirt!! Even then, it might not be enough!

I am listening to the audiobooks read by Tavia Gilbert, who is fantastic! She has a great variety in the character voices, I have serious love for the British accents! She infuses the read with a sense of energy and makes them even more delightful. The smexy scenes are deliciously wicked, when she reads them I get multiple eargasms!!

The stories in this series are well paced and wonderfully detailed. It is all from Cat's POV, I would not mind a few of Bones or other character to add a little more depth. But overall, Ms Frost does a great job of having other charters vocalize their thoughts and feelings. I am enthralled with the series and jumping into the next book ASAP!! Thank goodness my library has the whole series to borrow online!!!