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This Side of the Grave

This Side of the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Woohoo!! Back to Cat and Bones as the leads, I liked the two spin-off books, and am very glad I read them, ya kind of need to in order to follow events, but they lack the dynamic energy of the originals. Definitely read them, else you will be missing a lot in this book, just don't hold them to the same standard as the Cat and Bones books.

The story this time is great, finally getting back to the Ghouls plotline. Oh, and yes, you will get to know who the other known half-breed was. It was a little shocker! Really helped bring many things together in the whole dynamic between the various undead. I was also delighted to see more of the ghosts and Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau! The story takes so major twists and turns.

We also get to check back in with the team. New recruits and we finally get to find out Don's secret. This is a very emotional section. Ms. Frost played a symphony on my heart strings. Tissues, have them handy!!

Plenty of steamy action!! I just adore the whole smexy dynamic between Bones and Cat. They manage to be playful and hot as Hades, all at the same time!! Yeah, they scorch the pages, big time!! I am not a smoker but I needed a cigarette after one uber hot scene! Hold onto your panties gals!!

I listened to the audiobooks that are narrated by Tavia Gilbert. To say she does a fabulous job is an understatement! She doesn't just read the book, she acts it out with her voice!! She has a wonderful gift for instilling energy into the action scenes, urgency and passion in the smexy scenes, anxiety in the fearful moments and love in every word uttered between Cat and Bones. Her narration is delightfully engaging and wonderfully paced. I am definitely going to be looking for more of her reads!! She is easily on my top five voice-over actors list! I am not fully sold on all her accents, Vlad and Mencheres are not as strong as Bones or Spade. Her ladies voices do tend to blend together at times, Cat and her mother are the only ones I can identify without narrative telling me who is speaking. Overall, I more than enjoy the listening experience, she gives good ears!!

I am so ready to jump into the next book!! Especially with the ending of this one!! I am enthralled by Ian and hope he pops up more. I would be thrilled to see him get a HEA, it would take quite a woman to put him on notice!! Perhaps a certain law guardian, Veritas, is up to the job!