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Carrots - Colleen Helme Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is a really interesting read, I was not one hundred percent sure about it at first. I went into it a little blind, thinking it looked like an intriguing mystery with a slight twist. Shelby is kind of a stay at home mom version of Stephanie Plum or Kathleen Turner. She is the least likely detective candidate, a touch naive and quirky.

After an accident gives her the ability to read minds she gets into all sorts of trouble. She does tend to speak before thinking, which enables her to fall into bad situations. She is generally very likable and in a stable relationship with a really understanding husband. I had concerns about her lack of sharing with him, open communication would have gone along way in avoiding much of the trouble. But then there would be no real book, so it did serve a purpose.

The story is not overly complicated, I caught on to who-dun-it pretty quickly. While it was a touch predictable it was still an enjoyable read.

The whole book is from Shelby's POV, which is slightly limited, except for the times she used her gift. This really opens up the other characters, it gives insights into their motivations. The mind reading is a clever device, not an ability I would want, she definitely needs to work on those shields. It would help with her marriage, hubby is not loving the intrusion.

It is refreshing to see a married couple who really is in love, no cheating or faking affection. You get a real sense that Chris and Shelby are truly in love, after 14 years of marriage that is great to read. I was thrilled to see the author did not make it one of those books where the woman finds out her personal life is a wreck.

The pace of the story steady, not a fast paced read but not a drag either. The narrator for the audiobook, Wendy Tremont King does a great job of keeping the story moving. She has a really appealing tone that instills energy into the story. Her voice makes Shelby seem real and less of a flake, she manages to make her sincere and sweet. While her male voices are not very deep, they are distinct and separate from the females. It is also easy to tell the difference when she is thinking and speaking. The narrator also has an added challenge of making it clear when she is hearing thoughts rather than people speaking to her. Ms King is a real compliment to the book, I am not sure I would have enjoyed it as much if I were reading it on my own.

I was kind of put off with the very end of the book. I suspect the choices she made will come back to bit her in the butt. Time will only tell, I a can not wait to jump into the next book. Both the author and the narrator are new to me, and I am eager to see more of both.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.