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Alpha Trio: The Complete Collection

Alpha Trio: The Complete Collection - Ana Vela Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Cats & Dogs (Alpha Trio #1)
Quick yummy little read! Not a lot of story here but what there is was well developed.

Cat is sassy and fun, while Em is deliciously Alpha!! Oh yeah, expect the smexy!! It hits hot and heavy! Delicious bit of steam makes a gal feel all warm and fuzzy.

Things happen quick, but it is a short read. I can also buy into the whole mate lust link. It happens often in shifter books.

This is like the beginning of a great story, I would love to see it expanded. There is so much possible with these characters.

The New Girl (Alpha Trio, #2)
The second book in the series is just as yummy as the first. We get a little more of the overall story and another brother mated.

Drei is the leader of the group and a delicious bad boy! Pair him up with Cassandra who is sassy and independent, instant fireworks!!

The steam here is a step beyond normal, when your gal can read you thoughts things get hotter!!

It is another nibble of a read. Short story that carries on the plot of the first book. Quick and to the point, I wish it were longer.

Can't wait to read the last brother's HEA.

A Special Taste (Alpha Trio, #3)
The last of the brothers to find his mate, Grig is lucky Kall came along to save hid drunkin butt!!

Uber-hot steamy action is serve up in the smexy scene!! I am talking some serious foreplay and wicked sex! A girl just can't get enough of that kind of reading!

The story finally comes to it's conclusion in this last short story. It was a really interesting mini-series and I would have loved it to be longer. Terrific concept that has great potential for more.

I listened to this book on audio and found narrator Meghan Kelly delightful. She does a very nice job with all the voices, she keeps them distinct and consistent. The men had a nice deep timber and the women had a smooth sassy quality. It was a nice steady read, evenly paced. I like things a touch faster so I switched to double speed.

This is a really interesting little series of short stories. I would love to see them expanded and made into at least novellas. The character and world building is really well done for the short time frame. Definitely had me wishing they were all longer.

Each book is sold solo or in the collection. I highly recommend getting the collection as individually they are quite pricey. While they are well written and engaging, the price is a little steep it you buy each book separately. Get the collection for a fair prince and enjoy them all at once.