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Captain Jack's Woman

Captain Jack's Woman - To Be Announced, Stephanie Laurens Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I loved this book when I read it for myself a few years ago, and now I love it even more after having it read to me by the delightful McAllister Lee!

Kit is just my kind of gal, independent and a touch wild, with plenty of sass!! I love everything about her, she easily grabs you from the beginning and makes you love her. Captain Jack is the perfect match for this hoyden!! He is the perfect man for her, even though he wants to protect her, he allows her freedom as well.

I loved the story and the constant energy that it infuses into the story. Really engaging and dynamic plot that had me on edge throughout the book. From beginning to end I was fascinated! I love that it is not the general ballroom regency read. This is a steady adventure with smugglers, secret identities and spies. Every moment of the story is delightful, especially the naughty bits of the romance!

The book is a mixed narrative giving the lead characters POVs alternately. I love this because it helps give the characters more depth. It starts off with large chunks of one character at a time, but after they meet it gets tricky. The narrative becomes choppy and bounces for one to the other rapidly. It always clear who is speaking, but it is rapid fire and can make the head spin.

I am a big fan of a feisty gal meeting her Alpha man, this is one of my favorite themes. Ms Laurens does a superb job of delivering this in all her books. Somehow she manages to keep each book fresh and entrancing. This was my first introduction to her style, quickly leading to an addiction to her brand of Historical Romance.

This book has some very smexy scenes. Oh la, this is not the typical Regency at all. The steam is as close to erotic as I have read in this genre. Some serious hot and heavy going on here. This is one of the things that endears the author to me, I do love my steam!

The narrator, McAllister Lee, is fantastic, Her British accent is perfect for the setting of the book. I loved her tone, she was wonderful at the women's and men's voices. She really helped in deciphering the narrative with changes in pitch to help make it very clear who's POV we were listening to. She has a quick pace that helps the book move along. Her read helps to add extra energy to the story. I am definitely a fan of her work and hope we here more from her, like the rest of the series!

I rarely reread books but this is one I could see myself reading and listening to again and again. It is easily a favorite read!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for sharing my thoughts.