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The First Spell

The First Spell - Rachel Carrington Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This was a really interesting read. I knew nothing about the series so, this is totally fresh material to me.

I really liked Charlie and her spunky attitude. I love a gal with sass! Even when she had no memory, she was still feisty.

The romance with Jensen develops quickly but it is still believable. I liked their connection and really felt the feelings develop.

The story is simple but the world is very well developed. I could see it leading into the series and am definitely curious to read more. The idea of guilds and magic is always fascinating.

The story is mostly a clean romance, not detailed steam. It is still enjoyable from that angle. Not every romance has to be a sexfest.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Katie McAble. She does a very nice job with the women's voices and the general narration. She really missed the mark on the men's voices. They ranged from creepy to annoying. Several really grated the nerves. I liked her pace and found it to be a nice read aside from the men's dialogue. I am not ready to write her off though, I would definitely give her another listen.

I am curious about the rest of the series and hope to see it on Audible soon. If not I may have to break down and get the ebooks.