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My Angel Is on Vacation Series: Episodes One - Five

My Angel Is on Vacation Series: Episodes One - Five - Angelica Boone Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I will start by saying I do not usually read these types of Erotica, I prefer erotic romances that are longer and more detailed when it comes to plot lines and characters. I like steam in my stories but there has to be more than just sex going on to hold my interest.

This was a really interesting little series. The writing and story development was much better than I expected for a mostly erotic read. This is more about the sex than the story most of the time. Still I found Anael engaging and sweet in her naivete. She makes some major mistakes and pays the price. In the ens she get her HEA, but it is not without a lot of strife. Warning - There is non-consent/rape in this book. If that is a trigger or a no go for you, I suggest passing.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Marascha Black. She does a wonderful job from beginning to end. She has a light and soothing voice that really suited the main character. She had just the right amount of energy in her voice during steamy and action scenes. Her voice and characters were consistent through out the series. I would love to hear more reads from her. Definitely one to watch!

This is the second series I have read of Ms Boone. I find her to be a talented story teller and would love to see her venture to longer reads that are less sex and more story. She did a great job of creating dynamic characters and an interesting world in a limited space. I can just imagine what she would do if writing longer works, I look forward to seeing more from her.

The Fall from Heaven (My Angel is on Vacation, #1)
Really naughty read that has a touch of story attached. The characters are interesting and have surprising depth. Not exactly what I expected from a hardcore erotic read.

Kind of takes a twist at the end. It will be interesting to see where it all goes.

Slipping Further (My Angel is on Vacation, #2)
The story continues and gets more in depth. Anael is in the asylum and passing time. She makes a friend in Destiny, who introduces her to voyeurism, girl on girl action and revenge. There is a surprising amount of story to this mostly smexy read.

Haven or Hell (My Angel is on Vacation, #3)
Anael is free of the asylum but wants to go back to rescue her friend. She meets fellow Fallen Neil, who offers to help her. He is clearly shady and takes advantage of her trust. More story than erotic content this time. Although there is an oral pleasure whole driving scene.

Angel of Betrayal (My Angel is on Vacation, #4)
While at the asylum rescuing her friends Destiny, Anael and Neil have a but of a menage with her. So, we are back to more erotic content and a touch of story. Still it is steamy and engaging. There is quite a twist at the end and I can not wait to see how the series will finish things up!

Angel Secrets (My Angel is on Vacation, #5)
This is the last book in the short series and really is a tough one. It kicks off with some major violence, including a graphic rape scene. There are many out there who like non-consent reads, I am not one of them. However, it serves a purpose to the story. I was very happy to see it end and have her rescues by Sal.

I like that Ms Boone gave Anael time to recover and grow before she started to have romantic feelings again. It ended up being a very sweet ending to an rather interesting series.

Disclosure- I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.