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The Enforcer

The Enforcer - Marliss Melton Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Yeah!! This is the third book in the set and Toby gets his HEA!!! I really loved him in the second book and was thrilled to see him taking lead here.

Toby was a riot in the last book, he doesn't disappoint in this story. His t-shirts are a highlight throughout. Dylan is a nice match for him. She needs somebody to lighten her up. I loved her when she was being herself, she really is softer than the hard@$$ she tries to be.

The story this time had several levels. I figured out the who pretty quickly, but the motivation was left until the end. I was really intrigued by this topic, never gave much thought to home grown militias. This gives real insight into the mindset of people who organize and join them. Both fanatics and everyday members. Kudos to Ms Melton for introducing me to something new.

This is a mixed narrative, we get POV from the two leads throughout. There are also a few moments of narration from supporting cast. This is always great for getting into the characters heads. It makes them way more engaging. This was done very well, I never had to figure out who's POV was being portrayed. The transitions were smooth and consistent.

The romance here takes a bit of suspension of disbelief. I am sure these kinds of things happen with people undercover falling for a suspect, but the time frame was really short. Dylan latches on to Toby as a lifeline really quickly, perhaps that had something to do with her PTSD. I am willing to let that go though, because they truly had a connection. I enjoyed their dynamic, it went a long way in selling the romance and feelings.

Yummy steam!!! Oh yeah, I like it when things get smexy!! I gotta say, I am a fan of these men, dominant Alphas who are givers, if ya know what I mean!!! Oh girl, it gets hot and naughty!!!

I listened to the audiobooks, David Brenin is a wickedly delicious narrator. His voice is smokey gravely hotness!!! He suits these books to a T. He has a great speed, brisk and steady at all the right moments. I am definitely a fan of his work, he gives good voice!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It moved along at a great pace, the characters were engaging and real through the whole book. This is the first series I have read of Ms Melton, but clearly not the last! I enjoyed her style and creative plotlines.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings my own.