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Yellowstone Heart Song

Yellowstone Heart Song - Peggy L. Henderson I tend to have a love hate relationship with time-travel books. This one falling it the love category. Really well crafted story with great twists and turns.

I loved the way it started, it picks up with Aimee in 1810, as she wanders you get the whole story of how she came to be here rather than 2010. Thank goodness she actually has some survival training, too bad she did not prepare better. I loved her spirit and energy. She does a great job of rolling with the punches.

Daniel takes a while to warm up to, he has issues and acts tough to protect his heart. He has the whole Alpha wilderness male down perfectly. Once you get to know him better he will win you over. But it really too me some time to get to like him enough to fall in love.

This is in a mixed narrative style, you get the POV's of the two leads, most of the time it is Aimee. There are also a few scenes from other character's POV, it helps give a fuller story and greater understanding of motivations. This style really goes a long way in making Daniel like-able, cause he comes off jerky from Aimee's side of things.

The romance grows over time and develops naturally. I enjoyed the dynamic between Aimee and Daniel once they sort out their issues. The story gets a little steamy, not full on erotic detail but some very smexy lovin occurs with an open bedroom door. You won't need a cold shower but a fan for your face might be a good idea to have handy!

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Alexandra Haag. She does a nice steady read with distinct voices. I generally like a swifter read, even at triple time it felt slower. She has a relaxing tone that lends itself to the story. During action moments there is a feeling of energy and urgency instilled into the read. I enjoyed her read, just wish I could have sped it up a touch.

Overall, this is a really entertaining read. I can't say that any of the events surprised me, but it still managed to make me cry at a couple points. I am a sucker when it comes to romances!! I hoped the next book would be her friend Jana, but that seemed to be wrapped up in the Epilogue. I am eager to see what happens in the next book, it will be interesting to see what happens in the time travel.