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Bear Naked and Bite Marks

Bear Naked and Bite Marks - Jenika Snow This was a very much anticipated read, I admit I read a few teasers on Facebook. I love a smexy bear shifter who is a dirty talker, Declan definitely delivers on that front! I loved his heman attitude and even better when he tried to reign it in for his mate. Gotta love those Alphas!

Melissa is very much like she was in the first book of the series, she is a chick who knows what she wants and does not apologize. If I were her I would not have fought the bear so hard, but she is kind of Alpha herself. Makes a very interesting pairing.

I loved the visits with past lead characters, it was like catching up with old friends. I will admit when all the girls got together there were a few moments of confusion as to who was who. There was at least one line where I though the author had trouble keeping them straight as well. But who could blame her with eight ladies in the conversation.

The side story wasn't a big surprise and felt kind of "eh" until the very end. It was necessary to keep movement in the story but it just did not thrill.

The smexy stuff was off the hook!!! Oh hells yeah!!! I was all over this hotness, dominant bear with a dirty mouth!!! I do like a take charge guy in the bedroom and Melissa knows how to play the game to full effect! Some seriously scorching action makes this one of those books you should read in a cold shower!!

This is a mixed narrative, mostly coming from the POV or the two leads, Smooth transitions from one to the other that add terrific insights to the story!

Overall, I have really enjoyed this series and tried to make this book last as long as possible. I suspect it is the end of the series as the author has several other new projects out. Although, I can always hope for a book or two more down the line!!