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Just Perfect

Just Perfect - Julie Ortolon Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

The second book in the series is just as great as the first!! I am really digging these kinda deep romances. If you cry at emotional relationship moments you should have tissues at the ready, I needed them!

Christine is a always trying to get her father's approval. It is sad that she basis her whole life on getting him to praise her. She is such a fun and sassy character other than that one major flaw. Pair her up with fun loving Alec who lives to play and sparks fly. I love that he works so hard to get her.

The beginning is loads of flirty fun, and the misunderstands made me giggle. I love the way they both found out the truth about each other.

I did feel like Alec was more invested in the relationship, but in the end she had a breakthrough too. The mixed narrative giving each charterer's POV really helps you understand each of their struggles. They both have baggage, although his is considerably less. It was great seeing them work through things. The self-help book pops up throughout this book again, it seems oddly appropriate.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Jane Cramer, who does a lovely job. She has a smooth read that is wonderfully paced. She definitely suits the series. Her voices are great on the women and narration, the men not so much. I would have liked at least the lead guy to be a touch deeper and more distinctive.

There is some steam, after a bit of time getting to know each other. For a winter fling there isn't much detail. It is open bedroom door but more NC-17 than R rated in the details. A delicious romance that did not steam up the windows. It was lovely, I don't always need super spicy.

I love the sense of play you get from the story telling. While the characters have depth and issues they face, the book feels light and fun. I love the three girls and their relationship with each other is the most endearing thing about the series.

Overall, I am really enjoying this series. It is funny each girl picks a different thing as her challenge, but none of the things address their real issues. It is the most clear in this book, in the end Christine faces her real fear and makes serious headway. I can not wait to see what will happen with Amy in the last book. Is it evil of me to hope when the year is up they discover Jane is far from perfect and getting a divorce?

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.