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The Stage Bride

The Stage Bride - Jerrica Knight-Catania Another solid read in the series. They are great stories with feisty gals and a touch of adventure. The only down side is that there are times when they feel like they are dragging. The pace gets slow towards the middle, but things pick up in the end.

The romance is strictly clean, only some steamy kisses no bedroom action. It was nice because I was in the mood for romance, not smexy scenes. The feelings happen quickly, I find the connection more tentative than flat out love. I am willing to believe they are on their way to love at the end. Of course, the Epilogue shows that to be true!

I was so happy for Thomas to get his HEA, although I thought his downward spiral was a touch much. I don't think he ever really loved Bianca. He just needed someone to connect with and mistook his friendship with her. Now the connection with Amelia felt real. I loved their saucy banter!! I do love a couple that bickers at first!

The story is intriguing and entertaining. I generally liked the premise, it just dropped many plot points. This tends to be a theme in the series, but it isn't something that makes you stop reading. You feel the plot holes and wonder where characters got their info. There was at least one character that completely disappears with no explanation.

I loved the fact that past couples popped up again in this story. They are integral parts of this plot and keep things moving along. I also loved Amelia's sweet friend Meg, I hope she gets a HEA. I would love to see more books in this little series.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Stevie Zimmerman, who has been with the series from the beginning. I love her swift pace and soothing tone. She adds just the right amount of energy into the read. I love the British accent and it totally suits the setting. I will definitely be looking for more reads by her.

As with the rest of the series there is a weird pause between chapters. It is like listening to a cd and having a gap between songs. It was a touch annoying, I prefer a smooth read with no breaks.

Overall this was a really enjoyable read and gave me warm fuzzies. I like a Historical read and do not see many novellas in the genre. These are terrific quick listens for the commute or evil gym time. I hope to see more from Ms Knight-Catania.