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Whiskey for Breakfast

Whiskey for Breakfast - Liliana Hart There is just something so appealing about this series. Addison is a certified hotmess, but ya gotta love her. She falls int solving her cases despite her best efforts to mess things up. It a wonder the girl has survived, they should have a special room at the hospital just for her!

I have said in the past that I think Savage is a better match for her in the romance department, but Ms Hart is determined to have us think she should be with Nick. Maybe she is just the girl to get him to lighten up and challenge him. They do have chemistry that peels the wallpaper.

The smexy stuff is mostly closed bedroom with hints of details here and there. Things get hot and bothered but never go to full on erotic details. Addison has a way of bringing out the beast in men who are interested in her. I have also noted she rarely gets it on in the bedroom, so many other parts of the house are more interesting!

The narrative is still first person, Addison has a quirky POV that makes the series a laugh riot. I do not usually like this tense, but I have found it doesn't bother me as much in audio. Go figure.

There are so many lively and dynamic supporting characters in the series. I love everybody and really they are the reason Addison survives all her mishaps! I might even have a book crush on dishy Savage!

The mystery this time was a bit all over the place. I would have liked more clues to make it solvable. The end was a but Scooby Doo for me, the culprit came from left field. It was just all over the place and I had a little trouble keeping up with all the sub-plots.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Connie Ventress, who does a wonderful job as always. She has a wonderful Southern accent that makes the character come to life. Great pacing and a soothing tone. She is perfectly matched to the series and I love her energy. Definitely hope to hear more of her reads!

Overall, this series is a guilty pleasure. It started out feeling very similar to another series but it is slowly becoming it's own animal. I am hooked and can't wait to see what happens next! Oh boy, that ending was a kicker!!