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The Ghoul Next Door

The Ghoul Next Door - Victoria Laurie There is much about this series I love and much that annoys. Regardless it is entertaining and I have been hooked for quite some time.

With this book we are back in Boston, where the who series began. I have made no secret that I thought MJ and Stephen should be together, this book makes it a point to show every example of how they just don't suit. I am sure Ms Laurie is trying to put paid to that relationship, it is successful but heavy handed. She also take every opportunity to show how perfect Heath is for her, fine I will admit he has won me over.

Gil seems to have mellowed this book, thank goodness! He tends to be uber drama and a little hard to take. I am thrilled he is more bearable this time around. His relationship has progressed as well, it is rather sweet.

The mystery this time is just as dark as recent books. The ghosts they are encountering are really evil. What bothers me is that they do not seem to know much about these sorts of ghosts. If you have been practicing since puberty, one would expect you would know about all aspects of your craft. They seem to come across many spectral entities that have them stumped. This is something that has bothered me throughout the series.

The romance has progressed and they seem to be at a precipice in the relationship. I expect that the next book will have them engaged. The smexy time is strictly closed bedroom door, but they do get rather frisky.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Eileen Stevens, who is delightful as always. She has a real feel for the characters and energy of the books. Her voices have been consistent and distinctive throughout. I appreciate that Gil's voice is less high pitched. Ms Stevens does a wonderful job with the creepy elements of the story, adding to the sinister feel with a truly eerie voice of the bad guy. She is always a pleasure to hear on this series.

Overall, I am still a fan of the series and will be on the lookout for the next book. I have been with MJ and company this long, might as well take it to the very end. There are a few loose threads that need to be tied up.