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Strength  - Carrie Butler This is a very intriguing New Adult read. It can be iffy for me with this genre, I generally get annoyed at the immaturity of the characters. These characters are not so bad. They were surprisingly mature most of the time.

Rena is sassy and fun, I liked her snarky attitude. She does have a couple dumb girl moments and not so great taste in friends, but generally she is very like-able. Wallace is a great match for her, he is a bit more churchy than I like, but it is not heavy handed. He does have major angst going on, but it is warranted.

The supporting cast is great, from the slutty roommate to the bad boy brother. They are all very intriguing and dynamic. The bad guys are bad, but are they evil? Not sure yet.

The story is very involved, there are a lot of things going on and plenty of detail. Almost too much day to day detail, the story tends to drag. A quarter of the way in I was wondering where it was headed. It just felt so long. The end is action packed, but it could have used a bit more conflict mixed throughout.

The book pretty much all comes from Rena's POV, which limits what you get to know and understand as a reader. It would have been great to have other characters in on the narrative. It would have helped to understand all the supernatural aspects and given insights into feelings.

The romance is quick, new adult has the same dramatic insta love connection as YA reads. They meet and within a week they know they are soulmates. Okay, I can accent things are sped up because of the supernatural elements. Really, they seem to have a very sweet connection and I hope to see it grow through the series. There are some hot kisses and some very heavy petting, but nothing beyond that in the steam department.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Nellie Barnett, she adds sass to the read. She has a really great pace that keeps the story moving. Her voices were great, the guys sound really similar but other than that they are terrific. She is very well matched to the read.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and am curious about the series. I really want to know where it is all headed. I will wait for the audiobooks to release, because this is a series I would rather listen to than read. The series shows promise and kept me entertained while I worked.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.