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Storm Bound

Storm Bound - Dani Harper I have such big love for this book and can not wait to see the series progress!!! This is such a wonderful blend of modern urban fantasy and Celtic myth! These are not sweet fairy stories, they are based on the traditional tales where the fae are beautiful but cruel. From my youth I recall being fascinated with the Tylwyth Teg, Sidhe and all the the dark Welsh myths. This is a terrific adult revisit of those myths that held me enthralled.

I really liked Brooke from the start, she is so loving and aware of herself. When she meets smexy Aiden, sparks fly, well that and a very well placed punch! I love their dynamic and really felt them connect. The romance is quick but the feeling ring true. I am willing to believe in love/lust at first sight. Sometimes your heart just knows before the head has a chance to catch up.

The smexy stuff is delicious!! Aiden is definitely the Alpha kind of guy I love. He is dominant in all the right ways!! The bedroom door is open and the smexiness happens a couple times!! Loads of steam detail, but not quite as far as a full erotic romance. I am all for the mainstream hotness this book dishes out!

The story this time is very involved, this progress at a steady pace and then speed up in the end. The twist wasn't much of a surprise, but no less enjoyable. Great pacing in the story, it really flowed as the details were revealed.

The narration bounces between the POV of the two leads, but there is a bonus when we see POV of some supporting characters. It makes for a more rounded story and you really get insights into all, especially the villains of the tale. You really get to understand the fae better, I may now have a little crush on the Lord of the Hunt, is it too much to hope he will get a HEA?

I love the way this book connects with the other, I did worry at first there would be no connection. It takes time and you will have to be patient, but when it reveals itself, it is wonderful! I loved the first meeting of Aiden and Rhys, classic!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Justine Eyre, who is fabulous!! She has a delicious way with the smexy Welsh accents, never could resist a brogue! I loved her energy in the read, she had a real feel for the story and just when speed things up to match the action. I am all about finding more of her reads!! She had quite the task with several male voices and the accents. Terrific match for this series!

Overall, I am in love! I am totally hooked and can not wait for the next book. The concept and myth carry this romance over to a real winner in my book! Ms. Harper certainly has a way of crafting engaging characters into a dynamic story. I am totally hooks. The only negative her is I have to wait until 2015 for the next book!!!