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The Sheik Retold

The Sheik Retold - E.M. Hull, Victoria Vane So, I went into this book blind, never read or heard of "The Sheik" until I started reading. Having nothing to compare it to I can only judge the content in this novel. That being said, I really enjoyed this romance. It has an old and new feel.

I loved the language of the book and the flow of everything. Diana is headstrong but dynamic and engaging. I really liked her modern attitude in a classic feeling story. She has a Austin-esque feel to her. Of course, she has moments where she has the old style thinking but not too often. The who book is from her POV, so everything is in a narrow perspective. In general I liked her but she has a few childish moments along the way.

Ahmed, the Sheik, is high handed, overbearing and deliciously Alpha! He reminds me very much of the dishy sheikhs in the old Harlequins that started me off reading romances. There are time you want to kick them in their male parts, others when you shudder in delight at their masculinity. Sigh, he is wickedly enchanting and you just can not resist his charm.

The smexy stuff is quite yummy. There is the kidnapped and seduced elements of the story, I always wonder it it is love or Stockholm in these cases. Still is is definitely steamy, the bedroom door is not only open, it was blown off the hinges! Holy hot and heavy!!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Dawn Hyde, who is delightful. She does a great job with the accents, the British is perfect and really suits the story. The pace was great and never felt lagging. I would have liked a touch more base for the male voices, it helps add to the feel in the steamy parts. It is a really consistent read with great energy throughout. I am definitely interested in hearing more of her work.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and was delighted by the story and characters. It has an old romance feel in the characters attitudes and actions. I did love it, even if I was not in love with them all the time. It is the same way I always felt about the Harlequin Presents series, but I would always come back for more!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.