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The Selkie Spell

The Selkie Spell - Sophie Moss Coming into this I was not sure what to expect. The selkie myth is huge yet there are not a lot of books that focus it it, so this was a delightful change from my usual shifters. I was also thrilled with the idea of delving into some Celtic myth.

The story here is beautifully crafted. From the very start I was enchanted and did not want to stop reading. The whole book is very much like a Selkie Siren singing her song that puts you under a charming spell. I did not want it to end and was beyond thrilled to find it is actually a series!

The story comes from a mixed narrative, mostly from the two leads POV, but also from many supporting characters. This gives you a more rounded tale and gain huge insights into the whole world. The transitions were smooth and flowed beautifully from one character to the next.

I love Tara, she has such strength and determination. She meets her match in Dominic, they are both so stubborn. You can feel the chemistry from the start and there is no surprise that these two will get together. I love it when the sparks fly! The romance here is lovely and melts your heart at times!

The story has so much more than just a romance. Everything about this sleep island town is engaging and the characters easily draw you in further. There are some great layers with the Selkie's curse and the danger following Tara. Everything combined to make an enchanting read.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Hollis McCarthy, who does a brilliant job! She takes on many distinct voices and delivers a delicious Irish accent in the hero! She has a fantastic pace in her read that lends itself to the movement of the story. This was a perfect marriage of narrator and book! I hope she stays with the whole series if it comes to audio.

Overall, this is a dynamic read that delights the reader with beautiful prose and engaging characters. So much going on in this story but it never feels too busy. Ms Moss is also clever enough to weave in threads of the other two books characters. I am eager to see Caitlin and Glenna discover their HEA! When I accept a book to review I am always worried about how I will react. I am happy to admit I am ecstatic with this find and can not wait to read more of this charming author!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.