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To Catch a Wolf

To Catch a Wolf - Lynn Red I am on the edge with this book, it was interesting but there was a bit if a drag. I guess I was looking for more action and the overall plot was iffy. I wasn't following the reason they could not be together and the whole turn of events was a bit off kilter.

It is all first person from Izzy's POV. I am not always keen on first person, so that took a bit of adjusting. It also limited things because you only get to know what she knows or others tell her. It made connecting with the hero more difficult. I really could not see where Erik was coming from and he only annoyed me when he did not stand up for her.

Things get smexy really quickly, we are almost two years into their relationship when the book kicks off. There are some uber hot scenes in the office, it will have you squirming in your seat! It is packed with heat that will have you ready for a cold shower.

I am willing to see what happens next in this series. I am intrigued by the quirky town and hope the world takes better shape as we move forward. The next book is a bear shifter and they are my weakness!!