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Dane - Liliana Hart This is a really quick and hot little read! When you have reunited lovers things can progress from "hello" to "Oh God Yes" in a snap. These two are combustible with enough chemistry to burn the lab down.

The story is thin but it holds together very well. Because this is such a short read it misses a lot of the build the story deserves. I would love to see this expanded to a full novel or even a novella. It would make the story all the sweeter in the end.

There are some story points that could have used time to be drawn out, then they would have had more impact. Forgiveness is to easy, this could have been drawn out over a longer time to really add to the joy of reunion.

The steam is hot as Hades!!! When lust has ten years to build things get smexy! For such a short book it packs a wallop in the bedroom or on the desk!!

Can't wait to read the other brothers!!