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Shadows and Silk (The MacKenzie Family #7)

Shadows and Silk (The MacKenzie Family #7) - Liliana Hart I am loving these longer novels for the Mackenzies!!!! Such yummy Alpha men and sassy ladies deserve more story time!

This book starts off with the smexy hot and heavy! Pretty much right where the last book left off except right before the sexing occurred!!! I needed a cold shower from chapter one!!! This is one sexed up thriller!

Darcy and Brant have a great dynamic! I can never resist smexy banter, holy chemistry! The bigger they are the harder they fall was never truer! I adore a mixed narrative, it is so important to get each character's POV to really understand the underlying issues.

The story had many more layers and really had a great flow. There were a few missed opportunities for more intrigue, but overall it worked. The end action really has you sweating bullets.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Carly Robins. She does a terrific job keeping the action moving and engaging the listener. The voices could have been a bit more distinct, the felt muddled at times. Still a steady read that have me happy ears.

Another ending that gives a taste if things to come!! Can not wait to see what happens with Max and Jade!!