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Cade - Liliana Hart Yeah happy dance we get a fuller book in the series!! Oh yeah, I am lovin Cade!

Ms Hart is all about the smexy chemistry and getting things hot from the get-go. I am all about that!! Hello dirty talker who knows all sorts of naughty tricks!! This book is a scorcher on so many levels!

I love the back and forth between the leads, not only do they have hot chemistry they also have a great dynamic. I love a sassy gal who knows her mind. This one is a definite scorcher and you might want to read while in the cold shower! Or sitting in a bucket of ice!

The story this time is great, I would have loved a bit more detail in the action and meat of the plot. It had a great premise and really kept things from being just a smexy goodtime read. I love a bit or intrigue with my sex, it make the story fuller and more entertaining. While the overall plot is a touch thin it is very engaging and kept me on edge.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Mark Comstock, who does a great job. He could have had more difference in the voices, the women were solid but nothing to special. He had a delicious timber when it came to the men, especially on the bedroom scenes. This has a great pace and really flowed.

Big kudos to Ms Hart for giving a teaser for the next book in the series at the very end!! It had me salivating and jumping over to Audible to snag the next one ASAP!!