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Secrets and Satin (The MacKenzie Family #8)

Secrets and Satin (The MacKenzie Family #8) - Liliana Hart This series gets better and better with each book!! I love these delicious Alpha man and the sassy women who capture their hearts!

Max and Jade are a hot combo!!! Oh heck yeah, these two are combustible!! Serious bouts of sexual tension! And just enough angst to keep the drama alive!

The story this time takes us in a new direction for the MacKenzies, now they are private contractors. I really like this new thread because it opens up so many more possible romances than just in the family. It was also great to get more updates on the couples we already knew.

It has a mixed narrative, so you get both leads POV. This really helps enhance the story and makes the romance more engaging. The timeline is a little tricky. I had to do math and I am not a fan of that! I wish these books were a touch closer to the timeframe of the original novellas.

Let me tell you, Max knows his way around some dirty talk!! Oh hell yes! Get that cold shower ready cause this one is a scorcher at times! You might never look at the kitchen the same!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Noah Michael Levine. What a yummy voice! He does a great job keeping the action moving and the flow of the story. I love the way he does the men's tones, they could be more varied but are very yummy. I am definitely looking to hear more of him.

I can not wait for the next book!! Please let the audio come out quick! I need to know about Declan!!