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Getting Wet

Getting Wet - Zenina Masters So very happy to get Gusty's story and a little update on her sister Rayna!

Loved the beginning and the first meeting for Gusty and Randel. Way to kick it off with a bang.

While Gusty seems all sweet and shy at first, when you get to know her you find she is no pushover. I love her spunk and the undercurrents of bossiness she wields! First class operator here.

Randal is super yummy and I loved the way he tracked his girl down!! Just a touch of help from a spunky cheetah and he is on his way to the Crossroads too!

Plenty of yummy steam to keep things spicy. I am pretty sure I want a perfectly formed bed out in the woods by a lake as well. Sigh, such delicious detail!

The story is great and really sweet. I could have used a bit more conflict but it is a great little read either way. I adore this series!!