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Vixen's Run

Vixen's Run - Zenina Masters I like that this year seems to be about following the rescued shifters and seeing them heal. It adds great depth to the series.

Tiff is a great character she is saucy and vibrant, not letting her past control her. Her story had many holes in it and did not feel completely fleshed out. I wanted more detail and drama leading up to the climax at the end. It really could have been drawn out to give the story more meat to savor.

Davus is a great match for the sassy vixen. He was also broken and to have her help him heal was great. I would have loved to see more of those interaction at the Crossroads to make the healing feel more complete. I am a big fan of seeing the connections happen and watching the emotions develop.

Yummy steam is plentiful!! These two are plenty creative with the smexy stuff! I am now imagining where I could build my own outdoor swing!!!

The ending felt abrupt because there was a lack of build. I enjoyed it but I wished it could have held more drama leading up to things.