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Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer - Zenina Masters Another rescued shifter working to heal. I really liked Yvena's quirky sense of humor. She has a dry wit that can be an acquired taste. It is also a defense mechanism to help her cope with what happened. Liander is a perfect match for her. Finally a healthcare worker who separates care-giving and romance. I really liked that he did not peruse her while helping with her recovery.

I love seeing the way that shifters in this series can find romance with somebody who is their opposite in nature. It is great to see natural enemies like a mongoose and King Cobra find each other. It is one of the quirks of this series. I am a big fan of the way Ms Masters does not use typical animals. It keeps me on my toes!

The steam is yummy and rather sensual. The chemistry is just right and the attraction is very smexy! Most of the time the couplings are sweet and savory but they do get hot and heavy as well.

I really enjoyed the progression of the story and would have loved hearing more of the fallout of her venom being used. Perhaps a touch more detail about the investigation. While I love this series I do wish it had a touch more drama in the stories and detail to help it build.