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Black and White

Black and White - Zenina Masters Loved the shifter hunters in this one!!! Ty and Al are awesome. This is what I have been looking for in the latest books, a look into the investigations! I also loved hearing more of the mages and the fey. Things are really moving in a new direction for the series and I heartily approve! Perhaps the books will get a touch longer now with more detail and drama?

Most of the book is from Tyanna's POV, which is a change up from most of the series. I prefer getting both lead character's thoughts, it makes for a fuller story. Most of the time you have to guess at what Alatas is feeling/thinking. I love her narrative but it would have been nice to have more of him as well.

Not a lot of sexy steam but enough to keep things hot. When these two get together the sparks fly and cuff might have been brought out!

Loved seeing a Giant panda find her mate in a binturong. I admit I had to look up the bearcat, really freakin cute!! I can just picture these two cuddling in their beast forms!

This book was more about story than steam, which is fine by me. I was eager to see what would happen with the missing shifters. Definitely cannot wait to see more this year and what will happen in the winter!! Ms Masters always give a tease at the end in her bio and this one hints at more drama to come! I can not wait!!!!