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Lion's Honor

Lion's Honor - Celia Kyle Sigh, I refuse to accept this is the last book in the series!! I want books for Emma and Stone!!! I love these characters and would be thrilled to see the time line jump 15 years or so into the future to give all the cubs their own HEA!! That would be awesome! Those twins are going to be serious heartbreakers!

Finally, we get to Honor and Grayson. The store this time is much more involved and really takes time for Honor to heal. I like that we did not rush into the mating and took time for them to reconnect. It is something that has been missing in past books of the series. They work together to heal and explore what happened to her.

I love this series and was over the moon to get updates on all the couples from past books and their adorable kids! Seriously, Ms Kyle I am lobbying for a continuation of the series with the kids in the future!!! I am seeing West and East with a sweet and sassy little bunny!!

There are some really tough moments in the story, if you have triggers ya might need to avoid this one. It does not go as far as non-consent but it gets super close.