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Intimate Enemies

Intimate Enemies - Joan  Swan What a great read! It had a bit of everything, delicious suspenseful romance! I loved the setting and the mixed narrative.

Cassie is head strong and a bit on the risky side. She has a few too stupid to live moments, but it comes from her rash choices. I did love her sassy attitude and strength as a survivor. It was easy to like her and want her to succeed.

Rio is all yummy bad boy, no girl can resist that! Throw in the hot Latin lover angle and panties will drop! He is a perfect match for impulsive Cassie, seriously the girl needs a keeper! I also loved seeing their dynamic and the hidden sweetness in him.

The book is a mixed narrative, mostly from Cassie and Rio, but we do have a little of the bad guy's POV as well. It gives a fuller and richer read knowing all the different angles. There are a couple spots where it gets jumpy and I wasn't exactly sure who was leading the narrative. It quickly sorts out, but it took me out of the moment.

What is a romantic suspense with out some steamy bedroom action! The bedroom door is wide open with plenty of spicy details. Not as much as a full blown erotic read, but more than enough to have a gal panting for a cold shower! The attraction is pretty quick, but they had a real chemistry which makes it believable.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Christa G. Lewis, who is always a delight. She has a great pace that adds to the action and drama of the story. I love the energy she puts into the smexy scenes and the movement in the rough & tumble moments. The only thing that bothered me was the distinct lack of accents, it was set in Mexico after all. But that is nitpicking on an otherwise terrific read.

Overall I enjoyed the book and can not wait to see what is next in the series and how the books will connect. I would love to see a HEA for Tomas or even her sweet cousin Nina. Definitely going to look for more of MS Swan's work. I really enjoyed her engaging writing and storytelling style!