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Hell's Gift

Hell's Gift - K.S. Haigwood I enjoyed this book much more than the first one in the series. The mixed POV really helped add depth to the story and characters. I definitely recommend reading the series in order, it helps you understand Rhyan's backstory and angst. While it is summarized, it really needs to be read to fully get all the nuances.

This picks up shortly after the first one leaves off, but mostly from Rhyan's POV and very mopey. He is of course depressed cause Kendra chose Adam. When he lands in purgatory he is forced to try and work his stuff out.

This is where the story takes some major twists and turns and an epic battle for souls is dragged across the Sydes of Hell. It is very interesting and there are many character's to meet through this process. It really keeps a reader on her toes! Seriously, take your time reading this or you may have to go back to figure out who is talking.

I am not sure how I feel about Abbi and Rhyan as a couple. Sure they are soulmates, but they both have some work to do to get to the HEA. It is a serious journey, with a few steam places along the way!

While this is a very religious themed book, it does not feel heavy or preachy. It is a unique take on Heaven, Hell and Angels. I was very intrigued by the plot and the sub-plots in play. It is an intricate puzzle that weaves together beautifully.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Troy Duran, who has an off the charts sexy voice!! He seriously just made my short list of male narrators I would listen to read anything!!! He has a deep rumbling tone that gives you girlie shivers in all the right ways! His voices are great and easy to distinguish. The pace is fabulous and his energy at the key moments helps the book move. I have several naughty passages bookmarked to re-listen to in the future, he is just that smexy!!! I noticed he has a few other romances on Audible, you can bet your lacy panties I will be getting them ASAP!!

I am very interested in reading the third book in the series, there are threads left loose. While I was unsure of the target audience for this series, I am definitely enjoying the original plot-lines. I hope to see more of the supporting characters from this book taking leads in the next ones!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Al thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.