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Big Flight

Big Flight - Zenina Masters I really like this series, such great variety in the shifter types. This book takes us into the birds again, who knew they were so elitist?

While I enjoyed the story, both the meeting and after at home, I did feel it was missing action. There could have been more drama with the family. It just felt anti-climactic in the end. Instead of telling us the way they tried to cause trouble, I would rather have seen it and had more conflict be explored.

There is some really smexy lovin going on! Plenty of outdoor steam! It gets plenty sexy a couple times.

I am really hoping the next books pick up the story arcs that were started with the Shifter Council and the Fae. There are a lot of threads to be picked up there. I am addicted to this series no matter what, I just want the books to have a touch more drama/action in the stories, something other than just the romances.