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Mastering Elodie (Grizzly Pines, #1)

Mastering Elodie (Grizzly Pines, #1) - Paige Warren I was very excited about this book when I first saw it, great blurb. I really wanted to love this book, but from the start things were not gelling. The concept was strong, the execution as rushed making it fall short.

I am a curvy gal, so I generally like reading about BBW who get the smexy guys. I do not like it when those women have low self worth the whole book. I few doubts here and there are fine, but too much brings me down. Elodie spends way too much time moping and hating herself for me to really like her. Her 360 turn around in the end felt false.

I read a lot of romance, so I am willing to give leeway for quick love. This one is seriously way to quick with the feeling and no real reason. Oh, and let's just take this girl home who we met once when she serves us breakfast. While we are at it let's share her and when our brother stays with us we should invite him in too.

The outline of the story was interesting and really could have worked. There were just too many issues overall for me to be sold. I will say the author did a very nice job with the mixed POV. Easy smooth transitions that never had me lost. This is one of her first books with Siren and a first in the series. I will have to watch what comes next. There is definite skill here, it just needs to be honed.