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Obsessions - Bryce Evans First thing that caught my eye was the smexy cover, I am all about eye candy! Then I noticed the bear, I can never resist a yummy bear shifter! The main character is a wolf but I hold out hope the delicious bear will get a HEA too!

Great story, with solid world building. There is plenty of back story delivered and developed over the whole book. I loved the mixed narrative and the way we really had time to get to know London and Ryder over time. It does take a good chunk of the book before any interaction between them occurs. There are holes in the plot, but not so much that it turned me off the book.

The smexy stuff is plenty hot, even though it is closer to mainstream than erotic. I always adore the instant attraction of true mates. It makes the shifter romances some of my favorites. Emotions come quickly , but I am fine with that.

Loads of great supporting characters who I can only hope to see in upcoming books. Plenty of intrigue in the town and supernatural events. I can definitely see this becoming a series I crave!