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Jitters - A Quirky Little Audio Book (When Radio and Polygamy Collide)

Jitters - A Quirky Little Audio Book (When Radio and Polygamy Collide) - Adele Park This was an awesome listen!!! I could easily see it on a small stage as a series of monologues. Very clever story telling format.

The book kicks off with a radio broadcast leading into the first character's story. As with monologues there is a lot of extra story that is not really necessary, but very entertaining. The whole story is mostly told through the POV of four women.

Nancy Neptune, shock jock extraordinaire. She is rough and uncouth, but still has a heart of gold underneath. She is voiced by Susan Paige Lane, who lays it on a bit thick with the Jersey accent.

Nadine, who was raised in the small Utah town and is super religious. She is mostly clueless, but has serious growth later on. Paige Allred voices her and manages to make her both annoying and naively endearing.

Sandy, a one armed journalist who stirs things up more than the shock jock! I love her spunk and she was easily a favorite character. Voiced by Kristen Henley, who really seems to get the character! She perfectly keys in on Sandy's narration and adds just the right amount of emotion to her read.

Meredith Andrews, who is the least likable for most of the read. She is the spoiled rich girl who feels entitled. Thankfully she has a turn around as well. She is voiced by Desiree Whitehead, who adds just the right amount of whine to her voice in the beginning and softens up later after she changes. She handled the transition in the character's personality very nicely.

Each monologue is separated by a news cast that gives a touch more of the story and hints at what might be up in the next section. These are mostly voiced by Adele Park, who does a wonderful job portraying an anchor.

There are three male narrators as well, Gary Morris, John Gibson, Steve Cappola, they have lesser parts in the story that they narrate. Each does a wonderful job with his section.

I really enjoyed the story telling style, it was innovative and entertaining. I would love to see this on stage, pretty much as is, it would be fabulous! It is not a typical story or a traditional format for telling events, but it really worked for me! I would love to see more books by Ms Park produced in this manner! Serious kudos!

WARNING- There is a lot of off color humor here, it will not be for everybody. Those who do not take things too seriously will love it, others might take offense.

Disclosure - I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.