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Playing With Poison


Let me start by clearing up what took several pages and a murder for me to get to. Jessica (Jessie) Hewitt, AKA Adele Nightingale, is not as the synopsis would have you believe a pool shark she is a historical romance writer and if the plot of her current story, which is intermittently laid out throughout the book, is anything to go by shes not a very good one. But don't worry the actually story in Playing with poison is well written.

Jessie donned in her writing attire, a blue bra under a white men's shirt, is working on her new story when her neighbor Candy Poppe's boyfriend, Stanley Sweeter ends up dead on her couch. Jessie is quickly sized up for shackles by Captain Wilson Rye whether he has decided on prison or the bedroom for there location is the question.

Jessie is accused of not only having an affair with the much younger man but also loosing all her money in one of his bad investments. to get her name cleared and the pesky reporter off her doorstep she needs to find who really killed Stanley. She enlists the help of two of her neighbors and best friends Karen Sember and Candy Poppe.

As an easy to hate character Stanley's potential killers range from colleges to investors to Jessie's own ex husband but all roads lead to the Stone Fountain the bar across the street from Jesse's condo where she occasionally plays pool and the last place Stanley was seen alive.

I had a problem with how little Candy Poppe seamed to care that her boyfriend was dead as well as how much Jessie's age, 52, was brought up and moped about as well as her fading good looks. Wilson tells Jessie she's a little scary several times but I have no idea why. The murdered was a surprise but to be honest there really wasn't enough information to actually solve the crime but it's still fun to try. I was pleased that the police did not come off as stupid and inept like they do in most cozy mysteries. Overall it was a humorous mystery with light flirtation between Jessie and captain Rye

The book is narrated by Caroline Miller, who did a great job. She has a great tone and flow that adds to the read. It was easy to differentiate characters and I liked that she didn't try to go too deep for the male voices. She doesn't read excessively fast so its easy to listen to in 3X speed and still understand. I like a nice brisk read and she gives it plenty of energy to keep the story moving.

I am eager to listen to more of this series! Definitely giving me happy ears this week!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.