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The Silken Edge

The Silken Edge - Laci Paige This is a multi-layered BDSM Club romance. It isn't all in the club but has plenty of scene time happening. It has bits of BDSM 101, but that is expected when one of the characters is a newbie.

Lots of hot and smexy scenes!! All sorts of sexy happening, self pleasure, voyeurism and some hawt scenes! This is not one for the faint of heart. Good lord you may need a cold shower after.

Kristy and Jake have a great dynamic, the cougar this is minimal. They are very back and forth, but once things really hit off it is all good.

The book comes from many POV, it is more than just the leads giving narrative. This helps you get into everybody's head. The mix gives the reader a broader perspective on what is happening and how the key players feel.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Ghost Jones. While he was great with the male voices and generally narration, the women we high and whiny. It made it difficult to enjoy the narration. He has a great pace and kept the book moving swiftly. I think he would do better to mellow out the ladies or perhaps do only male narration.

This series seems to be more real life romance, meaning it has bumps and issues you don't see in typical romances. I can not wait to see what is up with Roxi and Jonathan!!